Monday, December 26, 2011

Who received an eReader as a present?

So, how many people received a shiny new eReader as a Christmas present? Or perhaps a gift card for or B& with the intent to purchase eBooks? I can imagine A LOT of people did! I already owned a Nook, but my husband bought me a Kindle 3G, which I did request! There's nothing wrong with my Nook, by the way. It's 1 1/2 years old and just fine. But Amazon and its popular Kindle seem to rule...and I didn't want to be left out not having the privilege to own one, too! I also received some nice, cool cash from my sister-in-law and decided to set it aside specifically for buying more eBooks whenever I'm in need of a reading fix - which is often! Yay!

My two published books: Unknown Touch-Werewolf Series-Book 1 and Unknown Scent-Werewolf Series-Book 2 are available in both print and eBook versions. I've noticed the rise of my books purchased as an eBook vs. the number of paperbacks sold. I'm not at all surprised. Personally, I still buy some physical (print) books by specific authors or when I want a technical, detailed, teaching type of book. But most of my fun, entertaining type of books I buy as an eBook now.

Happy reading everyone!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Organize the Outline - Out with Old, In with New

My latest work-in-progress has had my mind paralyzed, stumped, and slushing along at a turtle's pace  trying to complete it. I believe I've discovered my problem (I refuse to use the words "writer's block").

When I created the outline for this particular novel, I typed it in great detail - as in approximately 25 pages - front and back! My other published books did not have anywhere near that lengthy of outlines when I wrote them. Also, I had revised the storyline at an early point while writing the book. Some of those revisions were massive and I needed to rearrange events I'd already mapped out or to add entirely new points/chapters to the book and even forced deletions of specific scenes in other places. Those changes should create tons of additional suspense and thrilling action for the reader's pleasure.

But when I made all those changes, I did so using a pen on the printed pages of the outline. I never went back into the computer to make the changes on the outline there and to print out a brand-spanking new outline for my reference and constant use as I write the novel. I thought, "I can read all the hand-written changes just fine on the original print-out. Why waste time typing up all these changes I just spent a ton of time writing down? That's doing the work twice - No need to..." HA!!! Wrong! And I consider myself an organized person, too!

So, that means I've been attempting to work with the equivalent of a jigsaw puzzle, otherwise known as my outline...having to literally hunt down and piece together the next portion or chapter or even notes scribbled on notebook paper (shoved into the rest of the pages) of the outline among pages scattered on my desk in a zigzag fashion. For example: I moved Chapter 17 -- it became Chapter 6. Or perhaps a paragraph from another chapter moved to somewhere else in the book. Or huge sections were crossed out. Or arrows drawn on the paper indicating to move those sentences "up here" or "down there"!! Eeeek!

And that brings us to what I believe is the reason (or at least it's high on the excuse list) of why I've struggled writing this current book. I CANNOT READ (or easily follow through) MY OUTLINE anymore!!  It's confusing and a big wadded mess! (The new cat was a major distraction, too!!)

I'm excited to announce that last night I started updating the outline (in my computer) in an efficient manner and greatly condensing it, too. Once I find "what happens" next in the novel on the old, printed outline that I've written changes on, I am now making those changes on the computer version for a new, easy-to-read, soon-to-be printed outline. I like to physically have an outline in my hands - not just saved on the computer. I should have it done this afternoon and back in the swing with writing the story. Yay!

I am working on Chapter 7 in this book...the title has changed several times...but it is a paranormal thriller, urban fantasy, young-adult trilogy written in the style of my Werewolf Series. This one highlights the Bigfoot species and has a spunky girl and her brother in it and they run into some serious trouble of the supernatural type...of course!

That's all for now!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Watched "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" on DVD - Thumbs Up (all the way to the ceiling!)

Amazon Link

I absolutely LOVED this movie! I don't care if someone says they hated it to my face or thought it was so-so because to me it doesn't matter - (and that is a rare statement from me as I'm always worried about what other people think) I say again - I LOVED "Rise of the Planet of the Apes"!!!

And, yes, I just posted on my "other" blog/site: Enter Paranormal this exact post about "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" and thought I'd include most of the post here, too. (I know-shame on me using the same post on both of my blogs, but gosh-darn, this movie was super fabulously good and I wanted to tell people connected to me through my author site HERE, too!!) To continue...

I'm also a huge fan of the entire "Planet of the Apes" movie franchise. Over the summer my husband and I watched all the original movies filmed/created way back starting in 1968. I purchased through Amazon the "Planet of the Apes" Legacy Collection. I'll admit, a few of the movies in between the first one and the last one were a tad weak and even bordering on weird...but we watched and absorbed all the good with the bad.

Back to my thoughts: It was exciting to see tie-ins to the older movies; an example: the water hose scene -- in the old movie, the human was blasted with the water vs. in this new one, it was the ape. The facial expressions and emotions of the apes (mainly Caesar) completely ripped open my own heart and played with my feelings. Several times I found myself crying. Throughout the movie, I kept making connections to the original films, so anyone who is a major fan and remembers and loves those old movies, will be thrilled watching this new one. Clues or even full-blown explanations are presented about what humans did...what caused the end of life as we know it now. If you can recall important "Planet of the Apes" plot details and the storylines from the old movies, then this new "Rise..." works out perfectly and makes sense. Even if a viewer didn't watch or doesn't remember any of the old movies (which would be a shame, but) they should still enjoy "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" for the engaging plot, the awesome & realistic special effects, of course what it does to mess with your emotions plus realizing what the consequences are when things go terribly wrong with lab experiments.

Official Synopsis for "Rise of the Planet of the Apes":
During experiments to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease, a genetically-enhanced chimpanzee uses its greater intelligence to lead other apes to freedom.

Here's the official movie trailer link.

Click HERE for an official movie clip.

From Internet Movie Database:
"Rise of the Planet of the Apes" (2011)
Stars: James Franco, Andy Serkis and Freida Pinto
PG13 - 105 min -Action | Drama | Sci-Fi - August 5, 2011 (USA)
Ratings: 7.7 score out of a 10 from 95,903 voters

Monday, December 5, 2011

I'd never write a book if I had to use a typewriter

Death to typewriters! Thank goodness! I would NEVER have written a book if I had to use a typewriter. I'm constantly editing and revising my sentences, making full use out of the backspace and delete buttons/keys on my computer's keyboard. Or I'm jumping back many pages into the story to change something. Typing individual pages on pieces of paper would never, ever work for me. I'd need to buy my own paper factory with all the tons of paper I'd go through and waste. I honestly don't know how any author ever finished a book using such a contraption.

I do own an electric typewriter. Really. And it still functions just fine. At least it did the last time I used it many years ago to type an address on an envelope. It's hidden under a sheet, covered in a nice protective layer of dust by now, on a storage shelf. Somewhere. I remember it had the correction tape feature, of which I made absolutely sure I had extra correction tape on hand. And how sloppy and obvious it was when I used that option. For me that was often. I'm referring to the use of correction tape, NOT how much I actually used the typewriter. That wasn't very often.

With the popularity and excitement of computers, I bought my first one back in about 1995. Wow. Suddenly all those mistakes I made typing, and if I decided to change my mind about anything at all I'd previously typed, wasn't an issue anymore. (Gee, I guess I shouldn't apply for any jobs relying on speed typing with accuracy!!)

Enter the idea of writing a book. Of course it wasn't until years later, as in 2009, that I wrote my first complete novel and had it published. Which reminds me...I AM supposed to be plunking away on my third book...and any errors be gone instantly with my magical powers of deletion (*waving my magic wand to and fro*...ha - tapping at the backspace key :) !

Friday, December 2, 2011

Official Website of Gina Marie Long

It appears all went well with the re-directing of my domain address & this is now officially my author website.  A few things have been altered from the original site...more like refreshed - by streamlining my content better. I hope all enjoy and please contact me with questions or comments!

(All can ignore this next's for Technorati to verify I am the author of this blog: PSBS7V64PRUD )

Thursday, December 1, 2011

This blog site is now my Official Author Website!

My author site address: may be down for a day or so as I transfer/redirect the domain name to this blog: . I've tossed out my original author website hosted by Microsoft in favor of using the Blogger site here as my permanent author website because of massive changes Microsoft will be enforcing come about February. I've spent the last few days spiffing up this new official author site (copy/pasting, uploading, arranging, trying to figure out the redirecting process, etc.). The blogspot address will still be functional, too. Just wanted to update in case you couldn't access over the next day or so. And when you do, it will direct you right here :) Thanks!