Monday, June 25, 2012

Where Do You Read Books?

Where Do You Read Books?

Yes, books can be read just about anywhere. Especially now that we have those wonderful gadgets – the ereaders. Have you noticed how the prices on ereaders has dropped drastically over the last two years? Eh, that's normal for any new technology though. 

Just like laptops…OMG! I remember just a few years ago when a laptop with average features hovered around $2,200! And now an everyday basic laptop, or if you prefer to call it a notebook computer, runs about $500. Thankfully!

Anyway…I started thinking of all the places I have read books – both the physical, hold-in-your-hands-paper-type of books and the ebooks on ereaders. I bought my first ereader two years ago. It was a Nook. One and a half years later (this past December) I was given a Kindle as a birthday gift. Nothing was wrong with the Nook, but it seems it has been set aside as I use the Kindle instead.

Where was I? Too many shiny things are distracting me…

I read books in all the normal places – like on my kitchen chair, the couch, the bed. Although rarely on the bed. Too uncomfortable for me.  On the couch, I might sit to read or many times during the evening I'll lie down and prop the book on a pillow on my chest/stomach. That position can lead to falling asleep though, and either type of book sliding off your pillow, which leads to you jerking violently and nearly dropping the book or ereader on the floor. Not good for an ereader to hit the floor and with a regular book you immediately lose your place. That sucks.

I always read while walking on the treadmill. This works fantastic with an ereader as you do not have to hold the book open. Just reach over every little bit to press a button for the next page. Ahhh… so nice! I've read quite a few books on my treadmill! And I've never tripped, fallen off the edge, bumped the ereader off the little platform it sits on, and have no problem concentrating on the story.

I love sitting outside to read. Just not when it's over 90 degrees or under 70 degrees. And no rain, of course. And a gentle breeze is super nice. When it's on the cooler end of those temps, I'll sit out back in the sun on a patio chair. I don't even bother using the fat cushions it came with. Grab a beach towel, throw it on the rubbery bands and I'm good to go. If it's hotter, I head out the front door and sit on a worn-out park bench on my porch in the shade. My butt hurts after a while, though. That wood on the bench is not too comfy.

I read while traveling in a vehicle. As a passenger – NOT the driver! Most of the time, I'm lucky that I don't get that seasick feeling in a moving vehicle. Unless my husband is whipping around curves and driving up and down hills like a maniac as if we're on a roller coaster. Just thinking of that scenario makes my stomach churn slightly and I feel a tad dizzy.

A few rare times I've taken a blanket out under a tree and read a book. But a bird crapping on the blanket once, ants crawling on my legs and the wind blowing my blanket up and down too many times frustrated me and…well, needless to say, I can't recall the last time I sat under a tree reading anymore. Sad.

I've never read a book in the bathtub though. And I definitely wouldn't try it…either the ereader would fall into the water and fry or a physical book would get wet and I'd be mad. I like to take very good care of my books!

What about you? Do you have a favorite or unusual place that you read books? And do you read more paper books or ebooks?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

YA Readers, Fan Group Named, Synopsis for "Rocked", Refreshers & Where's My Chocolate?

Seeking YA Readers, Group Named, Synopsis for "Rocked", Refreshers & Where's My Chocolate?

Hey - You, there, yeah - YOU!

If you love (or know someone who loves) reading young adult, paranormal/supernatural thrillers and urban fantasy, then YOU (or the people you send this to) are very important to me! And that's because I'm searching the planet for young adult readers (anywhere from 12 – 25 years old) to be part of The Chosen Sidekicks. (Okay, okay – stop frowning…ANY age can come along for the ride since I know of 80 year olds who read my books!)

You see, I'm trying my best ever to write the next epic series for the young adult crowd. (I have my Werewolf Series available, but this is another new series.) The idea of The Chosen Sidekicks (or Sidekicks for short maybe?) grew as I typed away on this latest creation. I thought it would be insanely cool to give my readers (my fans) a special group name. To ME – YOU are MY Chosen Sidekick. On a larger scale which would include many people: The Chosen Sidekicks. Make sense?

YOU are an individual who makes a difference to me, who is important, who I care about, who I need to hear feedback from! The stories I write must rip at your emotions and stick to you like glue! I want you to like reading my be shocked, thrilled, break out in a sweat from fear or anticipation wondering what in the world will happen next?!

And when the new book releases, and you read the story, you'll totally understand the concept of The Chosen Sidekicks…why I love the idea of having people who enjoyed my book be part of this group and I love how the meaning behind "chosen" and "sidekick" together become uniquely special.

It will all make sense. I promise.

Just to clarify for newbies what my paranormal thrillers, urban fantasy, young adult novels involve…I write about werewolves, vampires, witches, werecats, Bigfoot, an occasional demon, psychics, and awesome human characters – some good, some evil. But not ALL of them in the same book!  Whew! That would give you and me a headache trying to keep track of everyone! In addition, some form of a light romance is written into the story (come on now--ALL books, movies, TV shows have SOME sort of a love story in them!). However, my books are NOT considered romance...just enough to satisfy the girls and the guys can chill and breathe easy that they're not reading a romance novel! Depending on which series, the ages of the main characters are 16 through 30. Most on the younger side.

Some details about this book:  Rocked – The Chelsie Valdar Saga – 1. "A modern-day Viking warrior teen, Chelsie Valdar, must find an ancient ancestor's mystical sword before the impending Apocalypse and flee to safety with her brother. Several Bigfoot and an outcast werecat help with the search and offer protection, especially when an enemy is infatuated with Chelsie and wants the sword all for himself…the clock is ticking and time is running out." (The ages of the main characters range from 16-19. Chelsie is 17 years old.)

Can't tell you too much more…yet! It's never a good idea to open the gates to all the little secrets and let everything flood your brains at once. As we get a bit closer to publishing time (approximately mid to end of August), I will drizzle chocolate (that would be the book teasers, excerpts, etc.) on the ice cream (that would be YOU) in just the right amount to make you drool for more until the actual release of the book.

And it's a trilogy so I can have fun torturing you drizzling that chocolate again and again (ahhh…cho-co-late…*nom-nom-nom*…) uh-where was I?!…yes…and I can pull you deeper into Chelsie the Viking chick's life with each of the three books as Chelsie, family and friends fight for survival against wicked rivals and a devastated earth!

And I will be doing book giveaways (both print and ebook) and let a reader quiz me and lots of other fun stuff! Of course if you are part of The Chosen Sidekicks by following/liking/subscribing to me, then you'll know all the latest secrets, updates and what's happening!

If you are reading this OFF my site, then stop in at . That's my Official Author Website. Please forward this entire posting to any you think might be interested! ALL the places to stalk follow me are listed on the site. Especially sign up for the blog for full updates. Facebook Author Page, Facebook Chelsie Valdar Page, Twitter, and other site links included.

Oh! Nearly forgot  *slaps hand to forehead* to remind you about the other series that is published. So far, two books in that series are available with more to come. Unknown Touch-Werewolf Series-Book 1 and Unknown Scent-Werewolf Series-Book 2.  Again, if reading off site (which ALL of this info is on my website)…to get your blood boiling, here's the synopsis for Book 1: "Kara McBride is abducted by a secret group of diversely skilled humans called The Liaison. They discovered her psychic power is able to manipulate thought and want her to join their covert operation. Kara's abilities are vital to the success of saving a small group of werewolves from self-destruction. A few rogue werewolves committed crimes against humans, bringing unwanted attention to the area, and risking their hidden existence from society. Kara will attempt to calm their aggression with her psychic ability. During the chaos, a love triangle unexpectedly develops and Kara must make a choice between a human… or a werewolf! Her decision could be life-altering for her and others as she delves into the unknown."

So, feel free to comment, follow me, like me, check out my site and for good measure just staple my name to your forehead.  Join me and The Chosen Sidekicks. I promise not to bore you to death and not to be in your face selling. Obviously, readers want updates and important news about the books but…

I'm here to entertain and connect with YOU…discovering and providing what YOU WANT!

Now, where's some freakin' chocolate?! *throws open drawers and rummages through pantry closet…sighs loudly, realizing there is none...hmm...eyeing up the Combos*  :)'

That is all...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Whirlwind of Author Activity, Lyrics In My Head

In the whirlwind of changing my routine, amping up my motivation, restructuring my latest novel that I promise to unveil in a few months, and focusing on a target audience to shower my love upon (young adults: ages 12 - 25 -- read my words & hear my voice whispering in your head) although I've discovered all ages tend to read my work, well, the following lyrics -- from two different songs -- came to mind.

The first song's lyrics that hit me like a brick today:

~~~Cheap Trick - "I Want You To Want Me"~~~
"I want you to want me.
I need you to need me.
I'd love you to love me.
I'm beggin' you to beg me.

I'll shine up my old brown shoes.
I'll put on a brand new shirt
I'll get home early from work
if you say that you love me.

Didn't I, didn't I, didn't I,
see you cryin' (cryin', cryin').
Oh, Didn't I, didn't I, didn't I,
see you cryin' (cryin', cryin')

Feelin' all alone without a friend
you know you feel like dyin' (dyin', dyin').
Oh, didn't I, didn't I, didn't I,
see you cryin' (cryin', cryin')...

I want you to want me.
I need you to need me.
I'd love you to love me."

And the second song's lyrics that seemed to fit the mood:

~~~Nickelback - "Never Gonna Be Alone"~~~

"...You've gotta live every single day,
Like it's the only one, what if tomorrow never comes?
Don't let it slip away,
Could be our only one, you know it's only just begun.
Every single day,
Maybe our only one, what if tomorrow never comes?
Tomorrow never comes...

Time, is going by, so much faster than I,
And I'm starting to regret not telling all of this to you.

You're never gonna be alone
From this moment on, if you ever feel like letting go,
I won't let you fall.
When all hope is gone, I know that you can carry on.
We're gonna see the world out,
I'll hold you 'til the hurt is gone.

I'm gonna be there always,
I won't be missing one more day,
I'm gonna be there always,
I won't be missing one more day."

Alrighty then. That is all.