(Do NOT read if you haven't read the books!)
FAQ for each of my books follows...

Unknown Touch-Werewolf Series-Book ONE

Q: Does Dominic ever get a real girlfriend?
A: "Ever" is a very long time. And who's to say that he doesn't end up with Kara? Nothing is set in stone. I haven't planned that far ahead yet. I don't have an answer one way or the other. I sure hope he ends up with a girlfriend as he is such a caring person.

Q: Have you decided if Kara is going to convert?
A: Yes, I have decided. I won't directly answer this one. What do you think?!

Q: Will Kara keep her special mental abilities if or when she converts?
A: Can't say.

Q: Could the werewolf curse cause the lack of children?
A: Yes. The answer is a bit involved & will be talked about in future books.

Q: If the original witches that cursed the werewolves in the first place were to die, are the werewolves then "cured"?
A: No. The original witches have already died. For example, Daniel is 342 werewolf years old. Those witches were not immortal & died normal deaths.

Q: (I've reworded this question) Do the werewolves continue on as if time has frozen them in a certain age and a play button has been pressed?
A: Yes, more or less. Daniel & the majority of his pack were turned into werewolves while they were all around the ages of 18 – 27, give or take. Their physical appearance will never look older than about 30. The ones that were BORN into werewolves, will grow into adults & again, won't physically look older than 30. Now, if someone is 50 years old & gets turned into a werewolf, he reverts BACK to his prime – about 30 years old & stays that way…which you might think is a blessing, but there would still be repercussions to deal with.

Q: Do the werewolves want to go back to their original selves…in other words…if given the chance, do they want the curse lifted and become human again?
A: Hmmm…this has not been addressed yet. I'm sure there would be some that would want to live normal lives, but most have been werewolves for so, so long that this is all they know. This is their life. And, of course, we have the ones that were born werewolves and they do not know any other way of living. There's the possibility that the curse cannot ever be lifted, either.

Q: If a werewolf turns/converts/bites someone, how is that particular person effected?
A: That new werewolf has all the exact traits & similarities as other werewolves: strength, speed, agility, heightened senses.

Q: --I received numerous questions about the vampire, Josiah…--
A: Sorry, but I have chosen not to answer any of those questions at this time. I feel in doing so it would weaken the impact and thrill of learning the vampire traits while a person reads about them in an upcoming novel. I kept trying to come up with a way to answer some of the questions, but I sensed the anticipation would be ruined for future stories. Not only that, but I don't have all the answers until I dive further into the storyline.

Q: How come none of the villagers question why the adult werewolves never age (the villagers don't know they are werewolves)?
A: That will be answered in Book Two. I'll just say the werewolves get a little help from some allies with this one.

Q: Do the werewolves have souls?
A: I am definitely staying away from the religious side of this! But, to give a basic answer (my personal feelings) - "yes, they do have souls" and I'll leave it at that. At NO time during the series will I attempt exploring religion and try to tie it in with any of the paranormal, supernatural events or characters. Opinions on religion and souls are a delicate, controversial subject.

Q: On the cover of the book, what is the reflection in the wolf's eye?
A: The reflection could be considered a type of metaphor. The wolf would be Stephen. What you're seeing is a fence in the reflection. Stephen felt "caged, fenced, trapped" during most of the book. He didn't want to conform to Daniel's civilized way of life. He threatened society and risked exposure of the werewolves.

Q. How many books will there be in the series?
A. Five. Each will have the word "Unknown" in the title followed by one of the five senses. The first book is "touch". The remaining would be (& I may change the order of these): scent, taste, sound and sight. Pretty neat, huh?


Unknown Scent-Werewolf Series-Book TWO

1) Question:Who or what are the "unknown"?
Answer: The Unknown are the supernatural beings: werewolves, vampires, demons, etc. They are called the Unknown because they try to hide their existence from humans.

2) Q: What do the titles of the books mean?
A: "Unknown" refers to the supernatural beings. The second word is one of the five senses (of course, there is the sixth sense of intuition-perception…). So, the titles can stand for: Werewolf Touch, Werewolf Scent, etc. The werewolves have heightened senses. Titling the books with the different senses creates a common theme in the series. Also, the titles can refer to the vampires or demons and their unique senses. Not only that, but it can include how Kara relates to the supernatural beings sensory experiences! Scattered throughout the storylines, I have made a point to discuss or explain what senses several characters are feeling.

3) Q: Will there be more demons in the future?
A: I'm not sure. Probably not in Book 3.

4) Q: Will we learn more about vampire mythology, like we did with the werewolves?
A: I heavily explained the "rules" of "my" vampires in Book 2. But, I didn't delve into their mythology. YES. I will reveal more in Book 3.

5) Q: Where do you come up with character's names?
A: I research the internet. If I know the approximate timeframe a character was born, I'll look up names that were popular during that point in history. Also, I choose names that I like or that have a cool sound/ring to them.

6) Q: The werewolves rip their clothes to shreds if they don't remove them before transforming. But what about vampires? You never said Josiah removed his clothes before transforming…what happened to his clothes when he transformed?
A: Vampires' abilities far surpass what werewolves are capable of doing. A significant example: Josiah is able to turn into mist. Plus, he can shape shift into many other animals. The clothes vampires wear need to be of natural materials. The clothes are absorbed within the vampires' very substance since they are able to manipulate molecules and particles.

7) Q: Wouldn't Daniel have "smelled" Dominic on Kara after the make out session?
A: Yes. And Kara would've told (= lied to) Daniel that Dom and she sat for an hour or so talking about the current chaos and possible scenarios. She would've told Daniel that she gave Dom a hug (not uncommon) before they retired for the night…explaining Dom's scent on her body.

8) Q: The book cover – is that a photo, painting or what?
A: It is an actual photo of a wolf's paw print in the snow.

9) Q: Why didn't you make the book cover images match up with the different "senses" that you're using in the book titles?
A: Excellent question. That would've been awesome if I could or did. But some of the "senses" would be awkward to relay or portray as an image or photo. For example: "touch" – you think of a hand. Either I use a man's hand, which would look boring or odd on the cover, or use the hand of a werewolf…not many of those running around that I can snap a real photo of!! Plus, I wanted to use actual photographs for the cover of all the books in the series. Another example: "scent" – you think of a nose. I actually reviewed photos of wolves' muzzles or teeth…it just seemed too weird to put just the mouth of a wolf on the cover! So, what was I to do?! I scanned photos for hours and hours…and did I mention hours? And I decided to focus on photos of wolves – but pick a single, defining image that pertained to them. Book One – the eye (which was edited to mesh together a human and wolf eye and some fur color change). Book Two – the individual paw print. And I have ideas stored away for the future books, too.

10) Q: Will there be ghosts in future books?
A: With Lexy's ability to see and talk with ghosts, the chances are very high.

11) Q: You barely talked about Rachel's pregnancy in Book Two. Will we learn more at some point?
A: Yes. You will eventually find out how it all turns out.

12) Q: What about the "working phone lines" in the underground facility? Wouldn't this compromise the secrecy of The Liaison - with the phone company knowing there was someone making calls from down there?
A: Tessa – who is a computer whiz - finagled, along with Dom who is also great with technology, the phone lines. They illegally hacked into wiring on a nearby telephone pole.

13) Q: Do the werewolves have souls? And the vampires?
A: Yes and yes. The first question was asked in the FAQ for Book One, too. For my stories, these supernatural beings definitely have souls. They are real, living, breathing, thinking, decision-making, creatures/species. I will NOT write about the religious aspects of souls and what it all means or doesn't mean pertaining to werewolves and vampires. Lexy deals with ghosts…spirits…which for some people could be considered a person's soul. I will likely write about their souls, but not in a deep, religious manner. And we'll leave it at that =)


Rocked: A Chelsie Valdar Saga, 1

1) Is the girl on the book cover supposed to represent Chelsie?
Yes. And you can see a sword in her hand, which represents the Tyrfing sword.

2) Is this a trilogy?

3) What will the other two books be about?
This first book deals with the PRE-Apocalypse time. So, the second book will be about THE Apocalypse time - what Chelsie and her group experience as Yellowstone explodes and the immediate aftermath. And the third book will be about the POST-Apocalypse time and how life has changed.

4) So, does Chelsie end up choosing Lucas or Bo?
That is just TOO much of a spoiler to spill here. And the person she chooses at the end of this book, doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll stay with him forever. Then again, she might. Who knows? At this early stage of writing, I haven’t honestly decided WHO she’ll end up with.

5) This story transpires over one week?
Yes. If you ever watched the TV show “24” with Kiefer Sutherland (or other similar shows), that is where I got the idea on how I wanted to pace this book. Fast moving, keeps the suspense high, takes you through the motions of what happens to Chelsie (& her gang) every step of the adventure. Except “24” played out an entire hour by the second and minute during each episode. “Rocked” is not THAT detailed. If it was, it would be 3 billion pages long.

6) Is this written in first person?
Yes. And it’s also PRESENT TENSE, which isn’t seen as often. I believe “Hunger Games” is written in present tense. This was a challenge for me, but after several chapters, I fell into a groove. I really wanted the reader to experience the story through Chelsie’s eyes and emotional state AS things happened to her.

7) Is the Tyrfing sword real?
It’s on the internet, so it MUST be real! Actually, there are all kinds of myths and legends about the Tyrfing sword and Hervor and her Viking family. I used those legends in this story. Very interesting stuff.

8) The Bigfoot characters are something a little different. Where did you get the idea?
I think from a cable TV show about searching for Bigfoot. And, yes, I wanted to come up with a being/creature/species that we’ve heard about before, but wasn’t as popular as werewolves and vampires. But I still love them, too!

9) What are the different supernatural beings in this book?
Bigfoot, werecats and werewolves. Vampires are mentioned, as they do exist in this “world”, but no vampire characters are introduced. Yet.

10) What is the plural of Bigfoot?
Bigfoot. Just like the plural of deer is deer.

11) Which forest were they in?
Willamette National Forest, Oregon.

12) Remind me again of the life spans of the different beings…
Werecats and werewolves live hundreds of years. Vampires can live thousands of years. Bigfoot usually live to be about 100.

13) What is everyone’s age?
Chelsie: 17. Bo: 17. Lucas: 19. Ash: 16. Jessie: 16. Alex: 18. Chelsie’s Dad (Mark): 40.

14) Is this Apocalypse going to be really bad?
Yes. That’s why it’s called an Apocalypse, AKA: Armageddon, Day of Reckoning, Judgment Day, End of the World. So, yep, this is the nasty one.

15) Do the names of the characters have any special meaning?
Some do. Chelsie, Ash and Bo are named after my dogs who have all passed away. And the one dog was actually Ashes, not Ash. Jessie is named after my current pet cat. Gator is my parents’ dog.

16) Why did you choose Chelsie’s hometown as Estacada, Oregon?
I purposefully meant to choose a place where actual Bigfoot sightings are common. Estacada, Molalla, Clackamas County region…Oregon in general. And I like small towns, so Estacada was perfect with the larger city of Portland nearby.

17) Alex is really nutty, huh?
Yes, which makes his character extra fun and intriguing. You never know whether he’s going to do something good or bad. And when he might suddenly spin out of control. He definitely creates problems for Chelsie and her gang. Sometimes he’s helpful but he’s still deranged…plagued with mental problems. Do you trust him or not?

18) Will we read more about Zane the werewolf?
Yes. He’ll be returning in the next book.

19) Is this series related to or a spin-off from your Werewolf Series?
No. I decided to keep them completely unrelated…otherwise the Werewolf Series storyline would also have to deal with The Apocalypse and I didn’t want that.

20) Isn’t Chelsie’s dad supposed to have possession of the sword?
Perhaps. But she is now attached to it. She is destined to wield the Tyrfing. The Tyrfing is meant for her. Chelsie and her brother are important in sculpting the new world. Possessing a powerful and mystical weapon can aid them in various ways…which you’ll have to wait to read about in the next book.