Cool Creature Images & Book Signing Photos

In the Werewolf Series, the werewolves have three forms: man, wolf, and beast (half man/half wolf). This is a perfect image of how I visualized the werewolf in "Beast" form.


credit: Doug Jones

The werewolves in my books, when in their wolf shape, have dark/black eyes, ringed in yellow. It is a blending of a wolf's eyes and a human's eyes. I did not want to edit/alter these original photos by "painting" the eyes black to try and mimic what is written in my books. The photos are wonderful just as they "imagine" them with black eyes when you think of the books!


This wolf's fur color reminds me of a werewolf in Book Two. Don't want to "spoil" it by saying which one!


The Bigfoot images are how I "see" my Bigfoot characters in "Rocked".

This is my cat Jessie. The character/werecat named Jessie in "Rocked" is based on her.

Below is how Jessie looks in her cougar shape :)



First Book Signing
Marine Library, Marine, Illinois
Nov. 7, 2009


Box TV, Highland, IL
Nov. 14, 2009

Tri-Township Library, Troy, IL
Dec. 12, 2009

 Marine Library, Marine, IL
April 30, 2011

Box TV, Highland, IL
April 30, 2011

DiMaggio's Pizza, Highland, IL
May 3, 2011

Pizza Man, Troy, IL
May 7, 2011

Walgreens, Highland, IL
May 21, 2011