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Unknown Touch: Werewolf Series, 1:

Brief synopsis:

Kara McBride has been abducted by a secret organization known as The Liaison. Their mission: intervene and neutralize dangerous supernatural situations. They accidentally discovered Kara's unique psychic ability to manipulate thoughts and emotions. Her powers could be the essential key in saving a pack of werewolves from self destruction. The Liaison persuade her to join their covert operation. In the woods surrounding Hamlin, Kentucky, a few rogue werewolves have split off from the main pack and committed violent crimes, bringing unwanted attention to the area, and risking their hidden existence from society. Kara will attempt creating mental connections with the wolves to calm their aggression, thus modifying their behavior. But, in the midst of chaos and danger, a love triangle develops. Kara must choose between a human... or a werewolf. Her decisions could be life-altering for her and others as she delves into the unknown.


Excerpt from
UNKNOWN TOUCH: Werewolf Series, 1
Chapter 13
By Gina Marie Long

We held our positions and remained motionless. Guarded, Daniel walked across the clearing to the front porch. Everyone completely tuned into our surroundings, listening and watching for anything suspicious. I tried to slow my rapid breathing. But my heart pounded with anxiety because no one knew what might happen next.
The cabin was falling apart from years of neglect. Rickety old steps, rotted wood with peeling paint, curled and missing shingles. I’m surprised anyone would attempt to live in it. Then again, we weren’t dealing with a human, but a savage werewolf.
I sent a mental message to Zac and Tessa, Do you have Daniel and the front door clearly in your line of sight?
They answered in unison, Yes.
Daniel stood on the front porch and braced himself. He pounded on the door twice and shouted, “Hey, Stephen! It’s Daniel. I know you’re in there. We need to talk.”
A distinct snarl came from within the cabin. Could Stephen be in the shape of a wolf? A few moments passed. Daniel stood patiently waiting, and took two steps backwards. I assumed we caught Stephen off guard, possibly sleeping, or maybe he needed to get dressed before coming outside. The growl obviously conveyed his anger with Daniel’s unexpected visit.
And then the door flung open. Stephen stepped onto the porch, making his grand entrance.
Daniel and Isaac had showed me very accurate images of Stephen during my previous failed attempt to enter his mind. I now gazed at him in the flesh… an extraordinary, supernatural creature, on so many levels. And he knew it. His arrogant, tough guy attitude dripped off him. 
Still, I couldn’t deny it, he was handsome, in an Old World sort of way. I memorized his features, specific traits, and any interesting idiosyncrasies he displayed. Then, I tried connecting to his mind, but it stayed locked. Nothing. No sign of a way in. Just a big black wall. I kept concentrating.
“What do you want?” Stephen glared at Daniel. “You’re in my territory.”
Daniel took a deep breath, and calmly said, “I’m not here to fight with you, Stephen. I know you’re looking for any excuse to let loose on me. I am here to talk and ask you some questions. I hope you’ll give me honest answers.”
“Well, now, I’ll see what I can do,” he replied.
Daniel and Stephen remained on the small porch. Stephen closed the front door and leaned against it. Daniel positioned himself a few feet away, near one of the porch’s rotting posts.
“I’ll get straight to the point,” Daniel began, “I heard the news about the dead cattle and the hunter who was killed. Did you do it?
Stephen slowly shook his head from side to side and laughed in mockery. He said, “No, it wasn’t me. Although I’m sure you sniffed out my scent in the general area, didn’t you?”
Stephen wanted to play games. Daniel knew this would be like pulling teeth, trying to get accurate information from him. “If it wasn’t you that committed these acts of violence, then tell me who did it.”
“That is the big question of the day, isn’t it? Well, I’m not at liberty to say at this time. He’d prefer to keep his identity private.”
Stephen stomped past Daniel, slammed into his shoulder, and stepped off the porch into the yard. He scanned the property, using his heightened senses of sight, sound, smell and even calling upon his sixth sense of perception. I could see it and feel it… His body stiffened and he prepared to defend himself. He suspected an ambush.
Stephen swung around and glared at Daniel. “Who’s out there?”
Daniel tried to remain calm, and answered, “I brought several people with me. They want to help you if you will allow it.”
“Humans. I knew it. I can smell them. You’re dealing with The Liaison again, aren’t you?” Stephen asked, his anger rising.
“Yes, I am. And all for the purpose of getting your emotions under control. We want to understand what’s happening to you and offer our help,” Daniel pleaded. He’d moved off the porch and stood a few feet from Stephen.
Mentally, I asked Zac and Tessa, Do you still have a clear shot of Stephen?
Zac replied, Yes.
Tessa replied, No.
My heart sank, but at least one of them sat in a good position. Better than none.
I psychically relayed this information to Daniel, Zac has a clear shot. Tessa doesn’t.
Daniel said, Do not kill him. Shoot for the shoulder if he attacks.
I mentally pushed this message into Zac and Tessa’s minds. Dominic read my thoughts, so he knew the situation.
During the confrontation, I kept trying to access Stephen’s mind, but with no success. Dom didn’t have any luck, either, although I’m the one who would have to mentally and emotionally manipulate Stephen, not Dom. I picked up his emotions better than ever, but could not break through the mental barrier. If I had physical contact with him or at least be a few feet from him, I believed it would help. Just something about Stephen’s mind wouldn’t let me in. He’d been blocking Daniel for quite some time, and maybe his constant withdrawal from psychic connections interfered with my ability to gain access.
Suddenly, Stephen pressed his fingers on the sides of his head, aware of someone trying to read his mind. And he knew it wasn’t Daniel.
He scrutinized the trees and abruptly zoned in on my location. I held my breath and gradually exhaled as Daniel took a step closer to Stephen.
“There’s someone new added to the mix…,” Stephen said. “A female who tried this with your help before. I’d seen a flash of something, but thought it was my imagination. I don’t appreciate anyone, a stranger especially, trying to mess with my mind. Seriously, Daniel, who do you think you are trying to control me? I will live the way I choose to. I won’t play by your rules anymore. I suggest you leave.”
Stephen’s fury escalated. Whether intentional or sparked by rage, his body shuddered and he transformed into a werewolf. As did Daniel. I gasped, watching with amazement and terror.
The two faced each other in a stand-off. Zac wasn’t sure if he should shoot or not. Eli, Dom and I actually rose up from our crouched positions behind the bushes. It didn’t matter anymore if Stephen saw us. He knew we were there.
The two powerful wolves circled one another, snarling and jaws snapping, around and around. Neither taking their eyes off the other. Their lips curled back, displaying long, sharp, deadly teeth meant to kill prey. But both filled the role of predator at that moment. Saliva dripped from their open mouths; ears flattened to their heads. Daniel looked much more beastly, more barbaric, than I remembered from the first time I ever saw him transform. He seemed friendly at that time, but not now.
Daniel had only come here to question Stephen. Well, that and to let me get closer so I could psychically manipulate his twisted emotions. Daniel would not attack first. He didn’t plan to be the aggressor in this duel, but had to transform to meet Stephen equally on the playing field.
All at once, Stephen dove at Daniel’s throat. In that split second a shot was fired by Zac. He hit Stephen squarely in the shoulder, as Daniel requested. Stephen hit the ground with a yelp of pain, and he retreated immediately, limping off, trailing blood. He knew he would not win this fight today.



Unknown Scent: Werewolf Series, 2:

Brief Synopsis:

Danger awaits Kara and her friends on unfamiliar territory when their covert operation fails. Werewolves, a vampire, psychics and black magic witches face-off in fast-paced battles of good vs. evil. Time is running out for The Liaison. They must locate the witches' hideout and prevent a sacrificial ritual before it's too late and everyone suffers the consequences. Major upheavals cause self-control issues among Kara's friends, nearly destroying them. A gift Kara receives proves priceless in a life or death situation. Her powers of mental manipulation and mind reading are instrumental to her own survival and others, especially when caught in the clutches of evil. New alliances form, not all are human. Throughout the mayhem, Kara remains conflicted over who she loves more: her best friend (a psychic human) or her boyfriend (a werewolf). A choice needs to be made that could be life altering. Especially as she continues to delve into the unknown.


Excerpt from
UNKNOWN SCENT: Werewolf Series, 2
Chapter 10
By Gina Marie Long

We parked across the street from the old building. Josiah stepped out from the darkness. Under a streetlight, he gave us a single wave to approach him. Without speaking, we walked around to the back of the building and spotted a door.
Josiah spoke in our minds, The witches are here. Can everyone sense them?
Zac looked frustrated. He was the only one that didn't have some form of psychic ability. The werewolves didn't have much, but could sense that something wasn't right, something evil permeated this area. Not only that, but with their heightened senses, along with Josiah's, they could hear distant sounds and smell certain scents indicating the ritual was being performed.
Dom tried to focus on Lexy, not able to read her mind but snatching a word or image every few seconds. I sensed dread and fear pulsing through her and picked up what sounded like an incantation.
Josiah stiffened. I smell human blood. Free-flowing. They must be cutting themselves and using their own blood for the sacrificial offering. We need to move now!
The door was locked. Dominic gave it one quick look and used his telekinetic ability to slide the deadbolt open. Josiah held up one hand in a warning gesture to prevent us from charging inside and touched a finger to his lips reminding us to stay quiet and use telepathy to speak.
With incredible stealth, we crept through a stock room and an office like professional burglars. The next area revealed the huge, wide-open space where the resurrection ritual was taking place.
The chanting reverberated in my ears and sent chills down my spine. I smelled herbs and burning candles and a revolting odor of decay. We stayed hidden in the darkness for another moment, gathering our bearings as we observed the witches. Dom and I wouldn't leave that spot when the others decided to raid the scene.
The only electrical source of lighting came from one fluorescent fixture hanging on the far left side of the store. There must have been fifty candles lit around them.
The witches were totally oblivious to our presence while they recited the incantation. They stood within a large circle traced on the floor, surrounded by other painted symbols and letters. We viewed their right sides, although they were turned enough for us to see some of their backsides. That was an advantage as opposed to trying to rush them face on.
A cold wind whipped through the building. The candles flickered; a few went out. The air sizzled and a section of the floor cracked. A vaporous outline was taking shape in front of them but the chanting never stopped, instead it grew in volume and intensity. My pounding heart and rapid breathing seemed compelled to match the rhythm of the chant. Josiah shook my arm to warn me not to slip into a trance.
Daniel and Isaac stripped off their clothes and tossed them to me. Silently they transformed into the true werewolf shape of the beast and were ready for action.
Blood dripped from several of the witches' hands. All wore black, hooded robes that covered the length of their bodies and brushed the tops of their feet, making it impossible to identify who was who. Then one witch stepped forth from the rest, but did not leave the protection of the painted circle. This particular witch seemed to be the leader. Suddenly, all the hoods were pulled back, revealing each individual.
The leader was a [spoiler: information removed!]

We were shocked. Josiah held back gasping...


Unknown Taste: Werewolf Series, 3: